Support the iSpeak Programme

Sponsor an iSpeak Child

The annual cost to run the iSpeak Programme per school is Kshs. 350,000 amounting to about Kshs. 7000 per child. You could Adopt an iSpeak Child by contributing the annual amount required.


The programme runs purely on volunteer basis and iSpeak seeks to recruit as many volunteers as possible to enable the programme run in as many public schools around the country as possible. To register as a volunteer, please send an email to

Corporate Sponsorship

The iSpeak programme seeks corporate partnership for both financial sponsorship as well as sponsorship in kind to ensure sustainability of the programme. Sponsorships in kind include notebooks and pens for the students, refreshments for the students during the iSpeak sessions, T-shirts for speaking events and gifts to be given as best speakers awards. Corporate sponsors are entitled to PR opportunities including photo opportunities and visibility on iSpeak communication platforms and events.

The iSpeak Programme is run by LifeSkills Consulting Ltd

Sanitary Towels Support Appeal

A specific challenge faced during the interactions with the students, is that the female pupils are in dire need of sanitary towels. There is no sanitary towels programme currently existing and the girls face various concerns during their periods, including shame and embarrassment, that impact on their levels of confidence.

Support is required to run an annual sanitary pads programme that seeks to provide every girl with a one year supply of sanitary towels package that comprises of the sanitary towels, panties and a health education booklet at a cost of Kshs 550 per girl per year. The target is to reach 1000 girls who need this help.   The provision of this support will provide the much needed freedom for the pupils to focus on building their skills to gain confidence and transform their circumstances

Support Platforms

 To provide support please send an email to or contact Linet Njeri on 0728819162

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