1. Organizational Strategy Development and Implementation

Organizations that perform well will wrap their hands around the notion that planning is key and strategic direction must govern their operations. LifeSkills assists clients develop their organizational strategy complete with implementation plans, and a monitoring and evaluation framework to create brand success. This process involves consultative workshops with the organization’s stakeholders, formulation of the strategy in line with the organization’s mission, development of the objectives, outlining and assignment of the actions and integration into the performance management system.

2. Content Development and Editing

At LifeSkills, we are storytellers. We assist businesses to tell their stories to their audiences in a captivating way that allows people to peak into the organizations’ operations and way of life of its people. This involves content creation for websites, company profiles, brochures, team profiles and marketing materials. Our writing services also extend to writing speeches, articles and business proposals. LifeSkills also offers high quality editing and proofreading services for workshop reports, books, plays, dissertations, reports, CV’s, marketing materials, press releases or other business documents.

“The secret to good writing is to strip every sentence to its cleanest components.” ― William Knowlton Zinsser. Author – Of Writing Well

3. Corporate training and talks

Customer service and Business Communication

LifeSkills provides impactful and transformational customer service and business communication excellence training programmes. The training focuses on transforming organizations' service delivery and communication using a threefold model that touches on – The People, The Processes and The Performance.

Leadership and Governance

The most critical component of excellent corporate performance and sustainable success is holistic leadership. Facilitation of an effective, transformational and galvanised corporate leadership is one of LifeSkills core competencies. The key objective is to sharpen leadership skills to embrace a holistic approach to create leaders of influence.

4. Team building and culture change programs

LifeSkills conducts culture change programmes for organizations by enabling them establish a good understanding of the difference between the culture they currently have, and the culture they would like to develop. This involves audits, development, training, acculturation follow-up, monitoring and evaluation. The need for internalization and internally self-driven controls and incentives provides the key for success. Closely tied to culture change programmes are team building initiatives. LifeSkills conducts holistic team building sessions that involve activities that foster teamwork, listening, strategic thinking, leadership and communication.

5. Events Facilitation and Management

LifeSkills has a track record for seamless event coordination and facilitation. The ability assess customer needs and desired outcome for events, and to execute these needs, forms the basis for LifeSkills’ successful event management model. This has seen the delivery of various events including exhibitions, product launches, education forums, award ceremonies, client workshops, executive breakfast meetings and gala dinners that meet the customer’s expectations and standards.

6. Mystery Shopping Services

LifeSkills conducts mystery shopping services for corporates enabling them test actual delivery against defined service level standards. The X-ray vision from the customer’s view point enables gap identification and action planning towards bridging the gap to delivering on brand promises. We provide comprehensive reports with actionable recommendations that can be implemented to bridge the gaps identified in the mystery shopping exercise.

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