iSpeak Structure and Curriculum

Structure of the iSpeak Programme

The programme seeks to have students who are passionate about communication form a leadership club as the platform from which iSpeak runs. The communication classes are open to the members of the speaking club whilst the mentorship talks are open for all eligible students in the target age groups of class 6, 7 and 8.

At the mentorship events, iSpeak members use the opportunity to practice the communication and presentation skills learnt before a wider audience. The students present skits, poems, readings, debates, presentations and speeches.

The frequency of the iSpeak programme is 2 sessions a month where the communication classes run during one session and mentorship talks at the next session. These sessions are held on Saturday afternoons at the school from 2pm – 5pm.

  • iSpeak Curriculum:

The curriculum is designed to bring out creativity and innovation and to have the students become confident speakers in a variety of situations and occasions.



Session Titles


Why speak well? 

The importance of speaking well.
Understanding self in relation to speaking.
Creating the motivation to speak well
Preparation tips for speaking


Delivering  Spoken Word        

Presentation and evaluation of spoken word
Poetry/Texts/Verses/Story excerpts
Assessment of strengths and areas for improvement in speaking

The Flow of Communication

Speaking from memory
Ensuring smooth flow of communication


Speaking  Creatively

Creative application for speaking – The How
Making your communication is memorable
Use of correct grammar and language
Personalization of speaking style


Non Verbal Speaking

The role of non-verbal speak in communication
Presentations of mimes/skits/dramatization


Your Voice  as a Speaking Tool          

How to diversify the use of voice
Suitable voice ranges for different contexts
Creating a ‘speaking’ voice


Capture Your Audience   

Understanding the audience
Tailoring messages for different audiences
Creating audience engagement


Speak everywhere

Speak well anytime - every time
Getting over nervousness
Organizing your speech in seconds


Speaking tools

The power of images and visuals in speaking
Use of props - Selection and utilization of props



You can do this because you want to do this

iSpeak Mentorship Topics

The following topics will be covered by the guest speakers during the fortnightly speaker sessions.        

  • * Identity- Who am I?
  • * Entrepreneurship and Innovation
  • * Becoming a young man/woman of integrity
  • * Communicating with your Parents
  • * Personal Hygiene
  • * Family matters
  • * HIV & AIDS
  • * Sex and Sexuality
  • * Education- Preparing for life
  • * Communicating with confidence
  • * Coping with peer and societal pressure
  • * Knowing your rights as a child
  • * Success stories from homegrown mentors

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