• Innovative customer centric thinking is looking at the customer's daily routine outside of your company’s existing products, then using that as an innovating platform to add value.

  • The blueprint behind true brand connection is the promise of consistent quality and consistent service delivery. Always.

  • Passionate speakers move the world. Where's your passion? What shakes you? What moves you? What calls out your name seeking that you will find it and breathe life into it? Find that and you will truly move and shake things, and transform the world.

  • Listen to a wide variety of customers. Some are blindly loyal and will be die hard patrons and some will tell you the hard, cold truth. This will help measure the brand's real performance.

  • The blueprint behind consistent quality and consistent service delivery is having people that care deliver the brand promise. Always.

  • Ease of doing business index. This is what customers measure organizations by. Adjust your processes and systems to ease the customer's journey. The effect will be felt as a rise in the bottom line.

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